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Dusuau, LLC

Valentine’s Day Bonnet ❤️

Valentine’s Day Bonnet ❤️

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Our satin hair bonnets are not only cute, but are made with 2 layers of 100% Polyester Satin and a comfortable elastic to hold it in place. It's great to wear while you sleep and even PRETTY enough to wear around the house. This style differs from the goofy style because it doesn't have the extra trim to give it that "Poofy" effect. It sits on your head flatter.  

☁️ MAXIMUM COMFORT - Enjoy the form-fitting design of the sIlk/satin bonnet day and night. The extra large style they come in makes them perfect for protective styles. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, the Dusuau Bonnets have both.

💧 LOCK IN MOISTURE - The premium silky satin lining material effectively locks in moisture and will not absorb all of your hair products, this allows your hair products to be as effective as possible. 

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