About Me

Who is Amber DUSUAU?

The Woman Behind the Seams
My name is Amber Dusuau, and I am the owner of Designs by Dusuau. I am a Southern belle with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. My desire to create trendy, fashion forward, custom pieces is what drove me to become a seamstress. I am fueled by my goal for building something great and have always wanted to be my own boss. I am a self-taught seamstress, eager to learn new methods and explore new ideas.
After graduating college as a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Therapist in 2019, after only changing my major three times, I decided to explore my desire for fashion. Starting a business in the midst of a pandemic taught me to be grateful for life and all it has to offer. For me, 2020 was about growth, positivity and fulfilling my passion.
I love making pieces that evoke conversation. Nothing gives me greater joy than to have someone say, “Where’d you get that” and the answer be “I made it”.
I embrace every fun, vibrant, color and fabric and brilliantly create pieces that are unique and appealing for men, women, and children. Reach out to me @DesignsbyDusuau on Instagram to connect!